Protecting Medicare

I will protect cuts to Medicare and strengthen the Affordable Care Act. All Americans need an elected official that will put people before party.

No family should have to decide if they  want medicine or food on the table.

Improve Education

Oklahomans want education to get more funding. We need to ensure students are prepared for the future. This state is currently 50th in teachers’  salaries;  we are losing educators to surrounding, better paying states.


I will  support legislation that guarantees affordable healthcare. One in three bankruptcies are caused by unexpected medical bills. I will always vote people over party.

Transparency in Government

I will support transparency in government, so voters know what is going on in Washington, D.C.    I will get more  cooperation from across the  aisle, so legislation can pass.

Honoring our Veterans

We have done a great disservice to our veterans. We need to restore funding  cuts made to the VA. My older brother was a Marine  in Vietnam and is 100 percent disabled. Often, the wait to see a doctor can be as long as six months.

When I am elected to Congress, I will champion all the voters. It is important, as a nation, to always look strong  but flexible.

I am a proud Democrat, and hope I can count on your vote in November