Mary Brannon is an educator, school counselor, and concerned about the direction America is headed.

While being both a teacher and school counselor over 25 years, she has seen lots of changes and recently they have not been good. To improve her ability to help families with addiction issues, she went back to Oklahoma University and got a Master’s degree in Human Relations. She helped start a random drug testing program for athletes, as another way to say no to drugs. “No, I want to play football on Friday”.

Mary Brannon has trained to be a certified mediator for the Early Settlement Program of the Oklahoma Supreme Court. She was the only school counselor asked to be on the Task Force on Mediation of Divorce Issues.


Veteran Affairs

Her dad was in the Army and landed at Normandy, older brother is 100 % disabled from Vietnam, and younger brother was in Desert Storm. Funds should not be cut for veteran’s programs, currently veterans are committing over 22 suicides a day and in some VA medical centers the wait is  up to a 6 month .

Mary Brannon will protect
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Affordable Health Care
  • Internet Privacy
  • Education

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